Patient Profiles

College Cheerleader Returns after Hip Arthroscopy - Dr. Justin Newman

Kari is a cheerleader at Louisiana College. She underwent hip scopes, or hip arthroscopy, to both of her hips by Dr. Newman. We love her style - and now that she is doing so well - we miss seeing her smile in clinic!

Dr. Justin Newman Patient Testimonial

Patellar Tendon Rupture - Dr. Justin Newman

ACL Reconstruction - Dr. Justin Newman

Rotator Cuff Tear Can’t Keep Her Off Of The Slopes

Shirley is a fantastic patient. After an unfortunate session working with her personal trainer, she sustained tears to her rotator cuff and biceps.

This CrossFit Athlete is Back

Brian is a competitive CrossFit athlete, coach and gym owner. He ruptured his patellar tendon while attempting a super-human feat with a serious amount of weight. He has done well with his recovery. See him tell his own story in the video!

Dislocated Knee Cap Didn’t Slow Her Down – Dr. Justin Newman

Anna had surgery to repair her patella/knee cap after a dislocation. She has done very well and is back to her active lifestyle. We have also gotten to know her family well, both of her children have also been patients. They are doing great as a family – and now that they are healed up – we miss seeing them in clinic!